Stag Espresso Coffee

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Stag Espresso was a coffee house for Dovecot Studios and it was one of the best coffee shops in that locality. People absolutely loved Stag Espresso and specially the sandwiches there were absolutely yummy. The place was right down the infirmary street. Unfortunately it has been closed down but we do hope that whatever replaces this place just lives up to the name of Stag.

The place was well lighted and well decorated as you can see in the photo above. The menu there used to be smaller than what you would usually find in cafes but the menu definitely looked like it was very well chosen by those who seem to be experts in running a cafe. There were Salads and sandwiches along with various types of coffee. Every time you would order a sandwich, a salad would be complementary which was nice.

Everyday the specials of the day would be written down with chalk on a black board and kept outside the place which was lovely because we could simply see what is so special about that particular day and decide if we want to go or not. Take a look at this picture below to understand exactly what we are talking about:

Stag Espresso was a really fun place, specially for us because we friends always used to hang out there and we had a lot of memories there. Unfortunately the place has been shut down today which made us really sad and disappointed. We had always hoped that the place would keep going on. I had also thought that one day when I would get married, I would take my lovely wife to the cafe as well and it could be our usual place but seems not anymore.

Their coffee used to be really strong and tasty and why not? We spoke to their manager and the way they told us about how they make their coffee, it almost sounded that they take real pride in their coffee. They had the skills and it is natural for a skilled person to feel proud. Their coffee had this rich aroma and perfect blend of coffee beans. They might have been roasted coffee beans but I am not very sure.

Some other items in the cafe were also really good like your Cakes. I am not really a fan of pastries but one of my friend always used to have a pastry there and I could tell that the cakes looked beautiful. They were so gorgeous that you would almost want to eat them despite you not liking such sweet stuff.

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