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Have you ever wondered if you wanted to play a game over your phone or compete with your friend on a game over a coffee? We love coffee and so we love to drink a lot of coffee through out the day. We have recently come out with a fun aspect to coffee and that is playing or competing a game over a cup of coffee. We are a fan of playing games over our phone and we love coffee so why not play a game over coffee and double our fun?

We play various types of games over coffee, ranging from action to strategy and even board at times. The games over coffee don’t necessarily have to be of one type, just enjoy whatever you do. We are nowadays playing and competing on this game 8 ball pool over coffee. 8 Ball Pool is a fantastic game that is played by millions of players world wide and this game goes slow over a period of 10-15 minutes and so it is the perfect game to play while you sip a cup of cappuccino.

Why don’t you play too and see for yourself how much fun this game is? Recently we have identified some tips and tricks to achieve more from this game, make the game more interesting. We have learned a method to hack into the game and this is making things interesting. We have claimed thousands of resources through this method and we can teach anyone of you. All you have to do is to leave your email address with us and we will get back to you with a 8 ball pool hack guide.

We assure you that with this guide you will be able to do wonders for yourself in the game. We normally play one game at a time over coffee and nothing more. One game for 15 minutes per coffee is sufficient to keep our brains relaxed and happy. Any more gaming is going to make you addicted and that is not what we want to get. Addiction for games is never good and it will always hamper your work or studies.

We have always seen people who are ready to destroy their studies, school and college both as well as work life after college for games. I don’t understand why does one need to play so much games that they are ready to fail in their classes or get kicked out of their job. I have met some people who even after failing or getting kicked out are happily playing games. They call themselves the drop out gamers and are proud to be called that. It is surprising and interesting at the same time. What do you want to become? A successful person who plays games too or a failure who only plays games? Think and decide.

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